Although I can’t quite believe that it’s THE FIRST WEEK of December already, there are lots of things I’m excited for in the Winter season. December really does feel like there is magic and love in the air, and that is why it feels so special. Christmas is obviously the most important Day and the actual cause and the purpose of this Celebration are so great. But aside from the 25th December, there are many more smaller things to look forward to in the upcoming month! I know some people don’t really like winter because of the cold and the dark but I actually think there are lots of great things about winter. I’m all about those little things that make your day a tiny bit brighter and you a little happier. Here are some of the most exciting things about Winter in my opinion!



Is there really a breakfast better than a bowl of warm and comforting oatmeal? I personally think not. My favourite way to eat oats in the morning is with coconut milk, cinnamon, a teaspoon of chia seeds, a bit of coconut oil and a sliced banana (I add pumpkin seeds on top sometimes). It’s also SO nutritious and will keep you energized and full for long because of all the proteins, the carbs and the healthy fats and sugars. It’s a winnnn!



I usually don’t get to see my family all that often, which is why winter is so special. Living in different countries really does make you miss your family and makes you appreciate the time spent together even more. A reminder to always be grateful!



After a long day of school/studying/work there are not many things better than having a meal at home and getting into your pyjamas to cozy up on the sofa, watching a soppy romantic comedy with a cup of tea. I mean.. nothing beats that.



When I open the windows in my flat it really smells like winter, you know what I mean? It’s like a crisp and clean smell of cold air. I don’t even know if cold air can smell of that but it’s definitely what it feels like to me. See for yourself next time you open your window in the morning.



If you know me you’d know that I’m such a filmography addict and I probably watched all the movies there are (apart from horror or sad movies, cause I don’t like the genres). December means watching Christmas and winter-time movies is officially acceptable! I did try to not watch ANY Christmas movies before December actually starts, and it’s kind of satisfying, cause now I have so many on my list! I will post a list of the absolute best winter-time movies later on for you to join in on the fun.



Since we are talking about movies, I have to say that I also love the cinema and there’s one particular movie I’m very excited about. “The Greatest Showman” with one of my favourite actors of ALL time – Hugh Jackman, is coming out in December and I. cannot. wait. Zendaya is also one of the cast and that makes me even more happy. I cannot content myself with the excitement, honestly, it looks so beautiful.



Nothing puts you in a better mood than walking along the lit up decorated streets during Christmas time. I also love Christmas markets, just because it feels like the people are so happy and are putting so much love into choosing the presents for the loved ones.



A walk in a forest, or a woodland, or even a park during the winter literally make you feel like you’re in a movie or in a fairy tale. There’s just something so serene and calming about it. Great tip if you’re feeling overwhelmed or a bit tired. Really gives you that peace of mind.


What are the things you are most excited for in December? Please lemme know!

♥ Mila


  • Ahh this list made me so happy! I’m so excited for winter!

    x Annabelle

    • Yay I’m so glad! xx

  • Such a great list =o) I would also say the christmas cookies are a great time about winter time too =o)

    • Deffinitely!! xx

      x Mila

  • Yesss to all of these things! I used to hate winter but I just love cosy nights in with family and friends, especially if it involves a Harry Potter marathon. I haven’t had oatmeal in so long but I am dying to have some porridge for breakfast with some syrup…

    Lizzie Bee //