Earth often gets neglected by its habitants (us obvs) and the resources often get overused. I know that this post doesn’t really fit into my usual repertoire but I want to make sure that I don’t forget to blog about what’s truly important for the world.
These are some of the ways which absolutely anyone can do to help the environment.

Tip № 1 – WATER

If just one person (you, for example)  closes the tap while brushing teeth, it can save 200 gallons of water per month! Imagine how much water you could save in a year! Just goes to show that it’s the little things that add up that matter! Also try to take shorter showers to save even more water.

Just get into a habit and you are already doing something amazing for the planet!


And that kinda applies to everything. Turn off the lights when you leave any room, don’t watch tv for that long (or at least don’t leave it playing in the background the whole day), plug things out when you’re not using them.

Forgetting these small things affects the planet in a negative way, sucking tons of precious energy out of it.

Tip № 3 – RECYCLE 

How many times have you heard that one before? But really tho, it really is that important. Get a separate bin only for plastic and recycle it at the end of each week. You’re gonna do SO much good to the people/environment/animals just by doing that.

Also try to use less plastic in general. Be mindful with the packaging the things you buy come in.







If you can’t do all the above, at least bring your own reusable bags to the grocery store! That will already be huge help.


Cutting out meat/animal products for at least 4 days during the week can help the planet SO INCREDIBLY MUCH. You don’t even imagine. I’m not a vegan myself but I definitely try to eat more plant-based than animal foods.

I’m sure you know by now about the damage – thousands of kilometers of forests are being cut down for growing animals for consumption and it takes up WAY more space than growing plants.

So just by cutting out animal products at least few times a week can prevent natural disasters from happening.

Tip № 5 – NO LEATHER

Same applies to leather clothing, accessories and so on. Same reason as in tip #3.


Try to use your car less but walk/cycle more. Not only it’s freaking amazing for your whole organism it is also amazing for the environment. Walk/cycle to school or work if it’s not so far away.

I know you might wanna choose comfort over anything at 7AM, but the number of people & animals suffering from just one person’s car is too high and cannot be uncared for.


Try to use less paper. No one needs 8 different notebooks. I know that paper is a basic thing that we all need, but if we don’t use it excessively it will be much better for the planet. Just not waste it.

And if you completely wanna go out of your way to help the environment-  plant a tree! It’s not easy and requires skill and you’d definitely need help to do it,

but be the change you want to see in this world, right?

Remember – every person makes a difference.

Just by doing at least one of these tips you’re possibly gonna save lives and help the environment in a really really big way! Share the tips in the next conversation you have with your sibling/friend/mom or in class. Jusr be the loving and caring one.