I don’t have an older sister but I am one myself. My sister is a few years younger than me so I’ve always felt that there’s some things that only I can teach her. And some advice that only I can give her. You know the talks that you can’t really have with your parents or your friend. That’s what sisters are for.

Not every one of us has siblings so I though I’d round up some of the things I’d say to someone younger than me.



In this case, I’m talking about friends. The number of friends doesn’t matter. If you have one person in your life who you can trust and who makes you happy – you’re very lucky. Trying to be in friend groups and “cliques” is such a waste of time and energy if you don’t actually enjoy spending time with them.



If everyone around you is doing something, it does not mean that you have to do it too. You do not have to go out if everyone is going out. Same applies to every single thing that is considered “cool” in school. Don’t do something unless you are completely comfortable with it and don’t let the pressure break you.



Don’t put anything above yourself in school. Parties, boys, outings, drama – the kinds of things that can stand in the way of your progress and personal growth never have to be prioritized. Simply because your development is more important than temporary things. I always say – if it won’t matter in 5 years, don’t spend more than 5 minutes worrying about it. 



Whether it’s your grades or your looks. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else in this world. There’s no one like you and that’s your power. Embrace your flaws and your personality. Don’t try to be someone else. The right people will like you for who you are and that is what will make you truly happy.



Spend free time with a purpose. Watch some interesting for you TED talks instead of scrolling through instagram for hours. Get self-development books that you think will make you a better person. Read more. If you’re interested in a topic – research about it and fill yourself in on everything you wanna know until you’re almost like an expert. Knowledge is opportunities and chances. This is probably the most important advice that I’d give.

My examples: Power Fooods | TEDx ted talk; The Power Of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale book.



…To do anything really. Everything comes at the right time. Most importantly, don’t rush to grow up, because you will miss everything about the past. Laugh more, joke more, play more games even when you’re older – because the secret for happiness is actually always being a kid at heart.


Talk soon,

♥ Mila

  • Steph

    I love this!
    I have 2 older sister but I think it’s a lovely idea to be a ‘big sis’ to those who may not have one!
    The one where you mentioned educating yourself is SO important. Friends don’t often tell you ways that you can further your knowledge- but that’s what sisters are for!

    Lovely post!


    • very true! thanks for reading, glad you enjoyed ♥

      x M

  • Aww I absolutely love this post! Such wonderful advice 🙂 And I love the saying ‘if it won’t matter in 5 years, don’t spend more than 5 minutes worrying about it’!
    Chante xo |

    • thanks ♥

      x M

  • Anastazija

    I love this so much because it is SOOO true, personal and real and thank you for sharing it with us
    Anastazija x

    • ♥ thank you darling

      x M

  • Invincibleblog

    Third advice is the most important for me. Amazing pictures😊👍

  • This is so lovely <3 I completely agree with everything and definitely try to remind myself of these as often as possible! Even though I'm 22 I still struggle with so many of these! Brilliant post and you have such a lovely blog <3 xxx

    • thankyou darling! glad you enjoyed <3

      x M

  • Jacqueline

    I love this!!! Such important advice, even to ourselves xx

  • Amy Bell

    Love this! Really good blog post x

  • Dee ☕️

    I love this!! I don’t have an older sister either. I don’t have any sisters lol. But I am an older sister to two brothers. Your advice is amazing and I live by most of them every day! Especially number 1. I think it’s more important to have a few close friends you can really trust than to have tons of friends you hardly know. Thanks so much for this!

    Dee //

  • This is such good advice! I’m an only child but I always wish I had a sibling and I think this is the advice I would give them if I had one. Putting yourself first is such good advice and I’m trying to follow that more myself!

  • Chloe

    This is such a wonderful way of giving advice! I especially love not comparing yourself to others, everyone is an individual and unique!

  • Such a nice post, I’m a big sister myself so this was very inspiring! Also you blog is gorgeous and I love your blog name!

  • Hebah Pervaiz

    Aw I love this post! Will need to remember these tips Xx

  • Emily Carrot

    Love this <3
    I get the feeling, I may not be an older sister, but I'm an older cousin and especially when you love someone a lot you want to tech them all you possibly can. Just found your blog and I really like it!
    My blog:

  • Today Souhaila

    I love this,you mentionned all the things that matter,I especially like the “EDUCATE YOURSELF” beacause being a freshly gradute from uni,I spent a lot of time doing nothing useful but then I decided I’m gonna use my time to learn about things uni couldn’t teach meand that really interest me x