Student life. It’s not even about being on top of things and making sure evry single event in your life had been planned out until next year anymore. It is now most importantly about looking after yourself! How else are you planning to stay on top of everything if you don’t pay half as much attention to the most important person in your life – you. I dont mean to sound selfish, but there come times when you just have to put yourself fisrt.

All thoese socials or nights out (or in) with girlfriends, deadlines and personal life just don’t allow us to have breaks. But the key to keeping sane is to take everything much slower.

That is why I came up with a list of wellness tips and things you should constantly check up on while leading a busy but exciting student life. These are some not too hard to follow wellness tips for when we have almost no time at all.



Yes, I am talking about warm lemon water first thing in the morning. Okay, I know you’ve probably heard that one a million times before and seen it all over the internet. It’s on of the most popular wellness tips everrr. But there really are benefits to this ritual. Take it from someone who’s been testing this theory out for almost a year now. It really does make a difference in everything: from the state of your skin to your digestion.

It basically clears out and detoxifies your whole system really fast. And who doesnt want that when drowning in deadlines or other life’s responsibilities?!

Recipe: squeeze 1/3 of a lemon into a cup, add warm (not cold, and deffinitely not hot) water, gulp it down.

Benefits: detoxifies, clears skin, improves digestion, vitamin C kick, hydrating



There’s a reason I put that one before before all the other wellness tips. Sleeping is actually basically 50% of your success. 8 hours of sleep a night is perfect. 9 for some. I understand that sometimes there’s too much to do before bed, or the next episode just can’t wait. But it’s time you put yourself before everything when it comes to sleep. Get used to going to bed earlier and waking up earlier to spend your time efficiently. You will get more done during the day, all while feeling more energized and less stressed. Sleep is the secret to a fresh face too. Whenever I see the freshest looking perfect-skinned classmate I always ask them about their lifestyle. And I noticed that most of them don’t go to sleep later than 11 AM.

Benefits: improved concentration, mood-boosting, banishes under-eye circles, fresher-looking appearance, benefits weight, mind & heart


#3 F&V

…Have to become your best friends. And I’m not just saying it. If I were to list ALL of the benefits of fruits and vegetables here we’d be here for a LONG long time. Firstly, your nutrition is the other 50% of your success. Eating processed foods all the time is just not gonna cut it. I know that sometimes there’s no time to eat, forget cook. But making sure to eat at least 8 f&v ‘s a day will do you an immense amount of good. It’s gonna improve everyhting from your wellbeing to the state of your organs, hair, nails and much more. Next time you go to the supermarket just exchange one of your processed foods for a bag of fruit or veg. Keep doing it step by step and eventually you will get used to the whole produce eating thing.

Benefits: regain of vitality; too many to list.



If you’re, like me, not that much of an athletic person and spend most of your time sitting, a short walk a day will make you feel so much better. It can be anywhere from 10 to 30 mitutes. Anything that gets your heart beat faster and your blood circulate is good for you and your physical AND imotional well-being. Fresh air is also a really great bonus. Try it for a week and you’ll see how positively it will affect your life.

Benefits: strengthens the body, improves mood, balances organism, boosts metabolism



A handful of anything is the best option for almost any kind os snack. The most filling and healhty one would be a handfull of nuts or something whole-grain. A packet of crisps without any palm oil, trans fats or colorants is allowed every once in a while just to stay sane.

Benifits(of nuts): sourse of amazing for you healthy fats, protein, brain food



I really use it for everything. From frying with it to removing my makeup with it. A student’s life doesnt necesserily allow to splurge on various beauty products all the time, so coconut oil is the answer to almost all of your problems. It’s as amazing at balancing out your hormones as it is at removing water-proof mascara. Hair oil, moisturiser, makeup remover – I can go on and on.

Benefits: skin improvement, digestion improvement, anti-inflaminatory effect, daily dose of the healthiest form of fats



Spending at least 5 minutes around trees, grass and plants a day can positively affect your mental state. Only five minutes! So just go instead of scrolling through instagram for an hour (I’m also guilty of that). Make sure you pop into a nearby park every now and again for at least 5 minutes. I personally love going to the park with a book and usually stay up to an hour. There’s nothing more calming if you ask me. You can bring your friend or spend 5 minutes of the day there all by yourself, in complete calmness and serenity (which is btw really good for your mental state too).

Benefits: positivity boosting, improves mental health, restores energy, stress relief



wellness tips recap:

lemon water

8 hours or sleep

8 f&v a day

a walk a day

coconut oil

5 minutes in a park


Some of the most efficient wellness tips are actually quite easy to follow, even when life is quite hectic. Just remember to take a breather every once in a while

Tell me if you try any of those tips and keep me posted on your progress because I’d really love to know how you’re doing!


Talk soon,

Mila  ♥

  • Loved this post! I can so relate to having a hard time keeping yourself healthy at times being a student and being busy and stressed out all the time. I find the having a relaxed, early morning can make such a big difference to the rest of your day. And also spending time in nature is a big pro!

    x Annabelle

    • couldn’t agree more! ♥

      x M

  • These tips are so useful! Thank you! I really enjoyed this post. I think these tips can be useful for everyone, not only for students


    • I’m glad you liked it! thanks for reading ♥

      x M

  • I’ve recently graduated but can 100% back the lemon water! That stuff saved me, especially over the winter. This is pretty useful for everyone, not just students! Unfortunately for me, I more than lived life in my first and second year of uni and had a bit of catching up to do on the wellness scale over third year hahah!


  • Sophie Tate

    Just found this! Wow though, really going to consider this as I am uni and have been feeling a bit eugghh recently.