Made this collage for my mid-august mood-board. As you can see it’s quite pastel-y and linen-y. I don’t even know if you can decribe it like that but I love the aesthetic.



♥Linen & rough cotton. Obsessed with the feel and the look of these materials at the moment. Funnily enough, I don’t even own anything made of linen but a pair of these kinda flowy trousers has been on my wishlist for agesssss.


♥Simplicity in interior design. Loving the look of translucent furniture. Makes the space look bigger that it actually is which is always a plus.


♥Fresh flowers from the market. Never been able to just get a bunch of fresh big flowers for the house. Something I really wanna do in the future.


♥Burgundy colour. Shirts, shoes, lips – everything looks better in burgundy.


♥Formal but casual suits. Absolutely love suits at the moment. That white combo is everything.


♥Body chains and jewelery. Golden accessories in general.


♥Loving yourself and being grateful is so important.


♥Experimenting more with makeup. Being brave with style.


♥Been really into researching about baking healthy deserts letely. Even though I don’t actually make some of them I just like to watch haha.


♥Street lights at 7 pm when it;s not too dark yet. Something so beautiful about that.


Talk soon,

x Mila