Howwww is it July already?! Summer just sneaked in so fast & unexpectedly. The good thing is that we are all over and done with the exams of this year. I don’t even want to say how weirdly fast this school year has gone. Let’s just talk about summer (finally). (Btw I kinda decorated my blog to make it look more summery, how do you like ittt?)

So you know how you’ve been waiting and counting months and days until summer finally starts when you were at school/working and then June rolls in and you find yourself spending all your time indoors watching Netflix and YouTube. And I don’t blame you, I get that everyone wants to just relax all the time. That is why I came up with this pretty long summer to do list so that there’s something to choose from for errrrrrrryone.

I personally love spending time at home. It’s my ultimate comfort and peace zone. And my summer has not been all that exciting so far if I am honest. So when I plan things I make sure there’s a fair share of homey stuff to do, as well as fun, outdoor activities.


  1. Go to the Zoo
  2. Change up my hairstyle
  3. Learn a new language (step by step)
  4. Workout at least 15 min each day or just stretch
  5. Say “yes” to new opportunities
  6. Get at least one dress
  7. Go to a tennis (or any sport you wanna try) session
  8. Eat more fruit
  9. Blog and find more blogger buddies ♡
  10. Go on a picnic
  11. Paint a picture
  12. Make lemonade
  13. Visit a museum
  14. Go on a bike ride
  15. Finish reading at least 3 books
  16. Go on a boat ride
  17. what-to-do-in-summer
  18. 18. Take care of the world/nature & do something to benefit it
  19. Do a weekly game night w/ family or friend
  20.  Go to a sports game
  21. Attend a yoga class
  22. Go to an amusement park
  23. Make smoothies (I have never made one)
  24. Make a healthy homemade pizza
  25. Practice for school (not as fun, I know, but will benefit you a lot)
  26. Have a spa day
  27. Journal & educate yourself on something you always wanted to know more about
  28. Go to the cinema
  29. Get new decor pieces for home (foolproof IKEA trips)
  30. 31. Travel & explore when possible
  31. Take on a summer Job
  32. Go to a beach
  33. 35. Get a new house plant and give it a name
  34. Make a bird-feeder
  35. Throw a surprise/party
  36. Watch the sun set
  37. Movie night with snacks & lots of pillows
  38. Take. More. Pictures.
  39. Dance while getting ready (make it your ritual)
  40. Learn a new skill! (I want to learn how to be calmer & in control of emotions)
  41. Make a collage/vision board
  42. Cook for family
  43. Clean your house thoroughly (cmon at least once haha)
  44. 1 day/to a week social-media break
  45. Make new connections/friends
  46. Bake a cake!
  47. Compliment people more
  48. Watch cartoons all day, one day is fine (LOVE cartoons)
  49. Pamper/take care of yourself
  50. Write a letter/card for a close person (family/friend)
  51. Be spontaneous! It’s your break!


I would love to hear even more ideas so please share what you’ve got planned for the summer! Next up is my simmer mood board which will definitely make you inspired!


x Mila

  • jeeej gonna copy some of the things on your to-do list, love it!

  • Such a cute to-do list! Also, I love how you made your blog summer themed! How adorable

    xx Jordan

  • Hakim Mikah Reynolds

    Your site is so beautiful and inspiring!


  • Such an inspiring post! I love reading summer to -do lists, since those will give me some ideas too. Sadly, Finnish summer is all about rain after rain.

    Heidi 🍓 | Heidi’s Planner | Instagram

  • I think this is such an inspiring post like I personally find that planning things in advance makes me want to do those things. Like it’s hard to explain but I feel more focused. Even though for some people it may not work out, I think it’s always good to plan. Especially reading a couple of books (which is in my summer checklist too) and a week off of social media. These are both great things and so as the other following stuff you’ve mentioned. I hope you accomplish them! Good luck! <3

    Salina |

  • Jordan Kay

    I am loving this list. As we’re now in August, I hope you’re well underway with these!

    Jordan |

  • Maddie Edwards

    I feel like it’s too late to do half of these things as it’s already August, but I think I adopting some of these tips on a day where I have no clue what do (or watching wayyyy too much Netflix). Love the idea of a day (or impossibly a week with no social media). Also love your new summery theme it’s soooo cuteeee!

  • So many things to do! I hope you can achieve them all!

    Check out my blog where I talk about lifestyle, fashion and sometimes about food or music!

    I hope you like it!

  • BEAUTIFUL LIST go to zoo omg I do this every year + I loveeee your header so simple yet cute.. Thank you so much for sharing this with us! Dominica from London, xXx

  • Summer feels like it’s over alreadyyy 🙁 This is such a perfect list for summer and I’m definitely going to try some of these in the last two weeks we have left (ik it’s actually so upsetting)

  • i want to do them as well omggg – my blog