• I’ve linked those stock photo sites somewhere safe… you never know when you’ll need them!
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    I’ve always been so careful with the photos I upload on my blog. And it’s because quality is very important, like you just said.

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  • I agree with you that the noon is the best timing to take beautiful pictures! This was very informative, thank you xx


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    Thank you so much for sharing the stock photo links, I often forget that those are available and could save me time when I don’t like how a photo of my own turned out!


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    I love this post! You give such great advice and your one of my favourite bloggers you’ve inspired me to start my own blog since I have such a passion for writing. I would love it f you could check it out I haven’t posted yet as ive just started

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      thanks so much darling! i’m incredibly flattered! lemme know if you need any tips! xx

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    • thanks so much darling! i’m so incredibly flattered! lemme know if you need any tips! xx


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  • I’ve just started a blog and this helped so much! I’m only young, so it’s not the best blog, but my inspiration was from you and Zoella!!

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    Hey, I was just wondering if you plan to make a youtube account? I want to start youtube because I feel like blogging is so hard these days (or is it just me haha) but your blog gives me hope!

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    I’ve always been invited in blogging I love fashion beauty style and originality but how could I incorporate all that in a blog I know you said less pictures is better but I’m interested in taking pictures of styles I find original in the city