We all have those days. When we just wanna sit on the couch eating and watching movies the whole day. I honestly believe having those lazy days is fine as long as it doesn’t become a routine.  You’ve gotta give yourself some space and some freedom (for me personally it’s watching my fave early 2000’s movies and eating chocolates). For know when everything just get’s too much and you just wanna relax and forget all your worries – I’ve come up with a lot of things that I do on these kinda days (top knot kinda days yanno). I’ve literally created kind of a checklist of what I want to do on days when I wear my pajamas the whole day.


Best mood-lifters EVER

First things first I get my movie list ready. And oh boy is it retro. I am OBSESSED with movies from the early 2000’s (and 90’s) (I already mentioned that like… everywhere, even in my facts about me  post) so over the years I’ve gathered quite a collection in my notes. If I were to list all of them here you’d be scrolling for an hour so I’m just gonna write some of my favorites:

Cheaper by the Dozen 2

Ella Enchanted

The Princess Diaries 1,2

The Proposal

What Women Want

Miss Congeniality 1,2

Confessions of a Shopaholic


Father of the Bride 1,2

Maid in manhattan


The Wedding Planner

As you can probably tell I have a thing for 1. movies set in NYC and 2. romantic comedies. These are the movies that cheer me up the most. Each of these films is like comfort, coziness, warmth and positivity all squished in one. Yeah, that’s how I would describe it. I’m also big on cartoons and will always love them no matter what. My favourite kind of animation movies are the old school ones (what a surprise). But I mean really old school, like “The Sword In The Stone” “The Emperor’s New Groove” and so on… ah just thinking about them gives me that warm feeling.


For me getting into fresh soft pyjamas it’s one of the best feelings everrrrrr. That is why on days when I’m down I love to wear the cutest PJ’s that I own (and by that I mean fstuff like luffy bath robes and bottoms with clouds on them). My favorite pj’s are from Oysho btw. I think they make the most cozy and adorable looking pyjamas. The most important thing for me is to be comfortable – kinda feel like you’re not even wearing anything but really warm and cozy at the same time.



Cooking & My Homemade Pizza

More precisely cooking in the oven. I don’t know why I find it SO therapeutic. It honestly just makes me forget about all the worries and just enjoy the process. My number one choice is usually popcorn that I make on the stove. I use dry corn kernels that I just get from the supermarket, a little bit of butter and a pot with a lid. You do have to shake it occasionally so that the popcorn doesn’t burn. I also add some salt (or even crushed Ferrero chocolates in) weird? – yes. freaking amazing? – definitely.

My second fave comfort food is – pizza. So original, I know. But what I actually find fun is making it myself, starting with the dough and finishing with arugula leaves on top. The most amazing thing is that making the dough is SO incredibly easy and fast! It also requires 4 ingredients MAX. It doesn’t need yeast or eggs or anything the could potentially go wrong. How amazing is that??

I found the recipe when I googled “no yeast pizza dough” and have been loving it ever since! It’s by “Allrecipes” and we all know they give amazing advice. So here is is! The only tweaks I’d make is add a little more flour once everything is already mixed up because the dough shouldn’t be too sticky. I also replace milk with almond milk sometimes, for when I want a lighter version. You can’t taste the difference and it’s amazing if you’re a vegan as well! Also, don’t add as much baking powder as it says there – otherwise your dough will be the thickness of a scone haha! Oh and roll it out really thin.

It doesn’t taste like the “normal” dough with yeast of course, but its definitely more healthy and fast! A bit dry but its still a pizza so I’m more than ok with it.

I top it with some tomato sauce, cheese, bell peppers and mushrooms. Ahh writing all this has made me wanna do it again today!



I dont like baths

I feel like whenever someone is advising you what to do when you’re feeling stressed or down is to take a bath. Its so cliche but everyone loves it. As weird as it might sound to you – I’m one of the few people who doesn’t like baths! What I absolutely love to do is play jazz music (my fave playlist is this one) while I shower. First and foremost because I adore jazz and think it truly is a form of art. I also love hot showers and personally like them better than baths. To me they feel more fun but relaxing at the same time.



Do something for you


I usually make sure to do something useful for myself. Even if it’s just watching a TED talk – it makes me feel better about myself. Even though its such a small thing it makes me feel like I’ve done something to make me a better person that day. I learned something new and it makes me feel good that I can now use that knowledge. I have a whole list of amazing TED talks and might do a post on my Top 10. But if you know of any great ones – please tell me. Or if you’ve never watched a TED talk before I highly recommend you watch at least one, you won’t be able to stop after the first good speech.



3 things

Whenever I feel like I’m not happy with something or am just feeling down I always think about three things that I’m grateful for. You can even write them down if that’s more effective for you. Gratitude is proven to make you feel better and happier in general. there’s really not much to say about it – just find it.



Even though these are all such insignificant things they have the power to change my mood completely. I hope you’re having good day and if you’re not I hope you use these tips to cheer you up.


x M



  • Hey beautiful! I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award. 🙂 <3 Here's the link:
    Amazing post! <3 Very helpful xx

  • Sarah ♛

    OMG same! im not the one for baths (reasons why i dont have a bath! :P) and ugh yes ella enchanted princess diaries and confessions of a shopaholic are definitely my go to! (YAY I FINALLY CREATED ONE)

    • Mila S

      haha ikr so girly 😉

      x M

  • The wedding planner is definitely a movie to cheer people up, it works a treat! I also love Tangled and Mean girls.
    Aleeha xXx

    • saaameee i’m basically obsessed w chick flicks haha

      x M

  • Haha I love Maid in Manhattan too , one of my favourite romcoms! Comfort food and TV shows always cheer me up. Doing a quick exercise routine or listening to an inspiring podcast also help. Great post! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

    • how do you manage to force yourself to exercise?? i need your secret hahaha
      thanks darling x

      x M

  • The princess Diaries is a go to pick me up, I love those films! Exercising also really makes me feel happy and productive. Really love this post! xx

  • Julia Lundin

    Totally agree with you on those movies and pizza! But I love baths:))

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    Love thus post it’s nice to know everyone else has bad days too! My blog is if you want to take a peek!

  • Absolutely love this post! Keep up the good work girllll <3