I was never really a person who owned numerous organizers and had my day planned out from the moment I wake up until I go to bed again. I always kinda went with the flow. From years of experience of “going with the flow” I can finally say that, although it’s quite a good feeling of having everything done spontaneously – it’s really bad when it comes to being strict with yourself.

I can easily spend the whole free day watching movies or scrolling through my feed for ages. That is why I have to be strict with myself sometimes. As I said in this post, where I talked about ALL the responsibilities that fall on your head once you move out, there’s no-one to constantly remind you (or force you) to revise or to cook for you and help you with chores. So it’s time you take it all in your own hands and finally take control over your life!

After literally months of research I came up with quite a list of organization apps and really REALLY useful apps in general. I (even) got myself a planner! Does new year actually mean new you….?





If you’ve never heard of these before I highly suggest you go and google it RIGHT NOW. In fact if you don’t I will literally hack your computer and save a page in your bookmarks (I’m that certain of it’s benefits).

All jokes aside tho, vision board is essentially a ‘board” or an A3 piece of paper if you will, that will work as a base for your “dreams”.  They are actually proven to increase your productivity and help you achieve your goals due to imagining your success more often. As Einstein himself said imagination is actually more important that knowledge!

All you gotta do is just print out a bunch of your goals – images/photos that inspire you, or cut some out of magazines and stick ’em onto the board. Maybe add some words that you would want someone to tell you every day or motivational quotes, decorate it how you want and you’re all set. Have the board hung in a visible spot and you won’t be able to avoid motivation!

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

– Albert Einstein



I cannot tell you how excited I am to share all of these with you. It literally feels like the day in primary school when you bring your album with your sticker collection to show everyone. These are so incredibly helpful when it comes to staying on top of things a literally being the most organized person ever (even though I gotta admit, I do ignore the notifications sometimes).



This app is really good if you’re not great with your sleeping timetable. It tells you how many hours of sleep you can get if you go to bed at a certain time and basically improves the quality of your sleep.


Daily Budget

This one helps you save money and be more in control of your outcome. So grown-up, I know.



You know when you just can’t leave your phone alone and keep getting distracted by notifications/texts and just can’t concentrate on doing something. Well forest is gonna block you from doing these things – literally. Its SO fun and cute at the same time.

When you need to focus you basically need to plant a tree and it takes 30 minutes to grow. And while its growing you can’t do anything with your phone. ‘Cause if you leave the app your tree will die. Now who can do this kinda thing? I feel like with this app we all can be the most productive people ever.


House Party

This one is really good for organizing things with other people. It’s basically video chat that allows you to include lots of people at the same time. How amazing is that??




Create a timetable. Just get a planner/notebook and write out and schedule your day from hour to hour. Of course you might not be able to abide by the plan completely so just write approximate times, like 4Pm-6PM homework; 7PM-8PM – blog etc. Its si helpful and I find it really does help you stay organized.



This is the biggest productivity killer. Saying “I’ll do it tomorrow” is basically saying “I already forgot about it and its never gonna happen”. You’re very likely to forget and you never know what other things you have to do tomorrow. So if you actually have time to do it today – do it today.





I hope these help you get organized, but its actually fine to not be on top of things all the time cause we’re all people, don’t forget that!

Talk tomorrow,

x Mila

  • The forest app seems amazing! I love that idea. Great post… everyone always needs a push (or shove!) in the right direction!

    • Mila S

      it really is so fun as well!
      thanks darling, haha too true xx

      x M

  • I’m learning how to speak Spanish at school!!!! Esta entrada es bueno!

    • Mila S

      I’m learning it too! hahah
      its not my first language but I just live here! 🙂

      • Really? That’s surprising. Spain must be a beautiful country. Full of places ideal for blog photos, I assume. I hope to visit it someday.

        • Mila S

          It really is magical! So beautiful

          x M

  • I’m forever just going with the flow and am often disappointed with how much I get done in a day- definitely going to download forest it sounds like a game changer!

    • Mila S

      it really is – take it from the biggest procrastinator in the world! hahah

  • These are great tips! I think it’s good to stop yourself from putting things off until tomorrow, but I have trouble sticking to that haha.

    • Mila S

      same here! haha

      x M

  • I love the Forest app, so cute! i just found your blog and I love your set up and domain name haha x

    • Mila S

      awn thanks darling! x

      x M

  • I need to try this Daily Budget app!!! I’m so not in control of my money ever haha great post!! xx

    xx Sofia | SOFIAADOT

    • Mila S

      I used to be the same and never remembered where it all went! You need to get this app! and thanks lovely x

      x M

  • Shibby Sparkles

    I love your blog, its so beautiful

  • Shibby Sparkles
  • Konika Datta

    I have used the forest app and it really helps you a lot, i always use this when i am studying but to be honest i have always failed at the “follow timetable” thing,I have never end up doing all the things that i write in my timetable so really have to work a lot on this.