I’m not sure if anyone has ever done one of these posts before but I thought it’d just be a good idea to share my favourite EVER makeup tutorials that are saved and “favourited” in my YT playlists. I have these so that whenever I have a day when I have no idea what to do with my face, I can just watch and learn. I’m in no way a makeup goddess myself, but tutorials have actually taught me a lot. Over the years I’ve found my favorite artists and videos for any and every possible event and today I wanna share them with you all.



I always think to myself “Ok Mila you can’t just slap on brown eyeshadow and nude lip AGAIN” and that’s when I turn to my favorite tutorials. Although I’m a girl of habit and am really big on browny-smokey eye looks (and I’m also quite boring and lazy at times when it comes to makeup), I really do love diversity every now and again. These tutorials are incredible in every way and cover everything from skin and contouring (which I’m so bad at) to eyeshadow and full brows.


     1. Easy, Breezy N’ Glowy

There’s a reason this is number 1 on my list. I am OBSESSED with dewy looking skin. I’d bathe in highlighter if I could. This tutorial is by Jasmine Hand and I absolutely love her work, she’s such a professional even though she’s self-taught. I love that she does makeup on others, really helps to see what works on which face type.

by Jasmine Hand


     2. Girly and Natural Looking w/ pop of colour

That one is perfect for a date, the best if it’s during the day. I feel like you can really notice and appreciate the glow and the romantic colours of the eyeshadow in the sunlight. And people can also literally see a reflection of themselves in your lips lol. Also – Tanya Burr, her makeup is always so flawless and her tutorials really are priceless. I feel like she is very real and I just trust her advice tbh.

by Tanya Burr


      3. The “No Makeup”

You know those days when you just wanna look like you just rolled out of bed but you still look cute and natural. Yeah that’s when I usually do this look. It takes me 10 minutes and just makes me feel a bit better about myself (I guess because of the dewiness lol). No but honestly I love that she used a tinted moisturizer in this (really handy cause I always use a BB cream instead of foundation) so that you can still see the freckles and all the other amazing things. This makeup look is almost like a “pick me up” on a lazy day to me.

by Kelsey Simone


     4. That “special event” look

Since I have hooded eyes I really find Nikki’s tutorials helpful. Although usually her makeup looks are quite out there most of the time or a bit too daring for my liking I find this tutorial so useful. It goes pretty much with anything. I personally turn to it for when I need a makeup look for a special event – be it a birthday party or an anniversary. It looks soft but at the same time chic and kinda like a makeup artist did it for you, since it looks so airbrushed. (The only thing I’s change is replace a red lip with a more neutral or a browny color lipstick since the accent is on the eyes already)


by Nikki Tutorials


     5. The Perfect Smokey-Eye

WHO doesn’t love a shimmery smokey-eye. I’m actually surprised I listed this one last, but it’s definitely not the lest! I am borderline obsessed with smokey-eye makeup looks. I just find that they look suitable for every (and I mean every) event. As you can see this is a “Bridal Makeup Look” but I just ignore that and just use it for something as simple as a cinema outing. (without the fake lashes tho, that would be a tad too dramatic for my liking haha). How stunning does she look?!  I don’t have brown eyes like her though, but I still think it would look amazing on any eye colour/shape. This look is just perfection.

by Sazan Hendrix



I hope this post is gonna be your little menu for when you don’t know what look to go for. And if you don’t use makeup or not into it that much… well you still should watch these videos ’cause they’re art.


x Mila


  • I didn’t think anybody would actually have a favourite makeup tutorial. Got me thinking about mine. 🙂
    Love ❤️,

    • Mila S

      These are my go-to’s 🙌🏼 I’m not that skilled to remember how to do everything so I literally have a menu to choose from😂💝

      x M

  • I love watching Tanya and Nikki! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Mila S

      they really are goddesses of makeup!! haha

      x M

  • Mila this is just an advice from blogger to blogger – I read somewhere that having the blog width smaller and leaving some white space on the sides is better than full width. Try it, because it has definitely improved my blog A LOT!

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      • You’re welcome any time. Also, forgive me, I just can’t stop myself from spreading what I think is best for others. 🙂 Wish you rainbows and happiness for your blog!

        • Mila S

          thanks love and no don’t worry you advice definitely helped! x

  • Why have I not discovered Jasmine Hand earlier? That makeup look is gorgeous!
    Aleeha xXx

    • Mila S

      she is amaaaziiiing! literally binge watched all of her videos when I found her! haha

      xx M

  • Everything Me xx

    Now I know where to come if I’m stuck with what makeup I could wear! I absolutely LOVE Tanya Burr’s makeup looks and I’m excited to check out all the others in this post! <3

    • Mila S

      awh I’m really happy to hear this! and yess you definitely definitely should! x

      x M

  • Katie Schick

    The “no makeup” 10 minute routine is closest to what I do everyday. But I love this post idea!

    • Mila S

      Same here🙌🏼 but I love these for more special days😊

      x M

  • Love Tanya and Sazan! Loved reading about these picks, definitely going to check out the other videos too now! ♡

    Evelyn | BeautyCloud9

    • Mila S

      thanks beauty! x

      x M

  • mygirlblogger

    I absolutely love Nikkie. Have you seen her new colab with Ofra? They are beautiful!! I am defo going to be reading your blog, loving the layout and design of it!
    MyGirlBlogger xxx