Even though I started blogging not that long ago I can confidently say that I’ve learnt LOADS of tricks and things about the blogging world. When I was starting out I thought of it as a hobby that would help me express my passion for writing and share my thoughts with the world. I didn’t know anything about it, let alone that you could also earn money through blogging. This post however is not overloaded with detail and tech advice but I’m more than happy to do a whole post all about the technical questions and tips in the future, just let me know! So here are my tips:



“Started at 13, quit and started again at 18”

If we go waaaay back to 2010 that’s where my love for blogs started. I’ve always loved this whole idea of blogging. A 13 year-old Mila was so in love with reading and watching what other people from all over the world were experiencing/liked doing/loved using for taking care of themselves & what they were thinking. So it all started when I was casually scrolling through two of my (still) favorite blogs classisinternal and erica mk. I looked at them and wondered “how do they take photos of themselves and their surroundings and make the posts feel so alive and almost like I’m right there with them”. They almost transformed me to whatever it was that they were doing through their blogs. It basically gave me a really comforting feeling and it really felt like I know them so well. Blogging just seemed like kind of a getaway to me. That is why I decided to start my own blog! I remember setting up on Blogger and posting about anything and everything and that was the beauty of it. Even though I was 13 years old blogging still brought me joy. After about a year of posting almost every week I stopped completely and my school and studies took over and seemed more important at the time (haha). 2016 was the year I thought “why not give it another try since I still enjoy reading and following bloggers on their incredible journeys!”. It’s been months as I said, and I’m not regretting being back! It’s such a wonderful feeling receiving all the feedback emails/dms/tweets/comments of people saying they’re enjoying reading my blog and even love it! Ahh just warms my heart.



“I suggest not to take up a sponsorship opportunity unless you are 100% positive your readers will love it & you love it as much”

So many people think that as soon as you start getting traffic – money will start raining on you, but its such a misconseption! I feel like before actually earning anything you first of all have to have a certain number of followers or traffic. I know that it often feels “unfair” that having amazing blog content doesn’t necessarily mean having hundreds of thousands of followers but, as they say, good content is only 20% of being a successful blogger whether we like it or not. I’ll talk about the other 80% in the next point.

As you guys know I’m always so transparent about my experiences and am never hiding something from my readers so I’m going to be completely honest. Throughout my blogging experience I got a couple of emails so far, from people that want to advertise on my blog. I had to turn all of them down just because A: I don’t want to have something on my blog that I’m not so passionate about, and that can potentially ruin the experience of reading it for my followers; and B: I wasn’t too sure wether I could trust the networks that reached out to me. So the answer is – no I still haven’t made money with my blog and am currently only doing it to enjoy and to give others good content that’ll make my followers happy and that will make others want to follow me along on my journey. Money and all comes second.



“Don’t spam comment! It’ll only annoys others. Instead, ask politely & show genuine interest!”

As I said, the other 80% percent of the success depends on….. promotion (obvs). I can even tell from my own experience – whenever I spend more time on linking my newest blog posts or posting about them on my social media I get more traffic on my blog. People won’t find you if you don’t find them first, as ridiculous as it sounds. A good way for increasing your traffic is actually commenting and contacting other bloggers. And I don’t mean spam commenting or typing the exact same thing on every single post and just copying and pasting the same comment everywhere. I used to NEVER comment on posts that I enjoyed reading and I don’t even know why. I just used to read and then swipe on to get on with the other posts. HUGE mistake. As I started commenting and letting people know how much I enjoyed reading the post or how much I admire what they do, my traffic skyrocketed (but I don’t mean thousands and thousands of visists tho). The most important thing is – you have to be sincere.



“The right paltform is so important!”

I use as the platform for my blog and even though it might seem complicated at first (I literally had ZERO idea how to use it when I started out) you kinda get the hang of it as you go. I’d say I’m quite comfortable with it now. I did buy my own domain name and I  am self-hosted. (I can write about that more in detail in the next posts if you’d like me to) It makes SUCH a difference in everything from being allowed to place adverts and people taking you more seriously. I do know lots of successful bloggers with wordpress or blogger .com domains and there’s of course nothing wrong with that, but I just felt more comfortable buying my own domain name. After all it’s only 12$ a year!



“There will be some tools that can either crash your blog or help it out immensly”

As scary as it sounds, there will unfortunately be some dodgy plugins or themes from odd websites that may potentially crash your website (it happened to me a while ago and I had to recreate my blog starting from zero!). If you’re just a beginner be careful with what you use for your blog. Usually (there are exceptions of fourse) free themes, domain names, etc. can’t be trusted. I do have a list of amazing plugins that I love. They are:

Disqus is the plugin that I use for my comment section. It basically allows everyone to comment on your blog posts as well as you to comment on others’.

Google Analyticator is the plugin I use to see where from and when people read my blog. You have to first create a google analytics account tho. It actually showed me that many people from the UK, US, Australia and France read my blog so hey there guys! <3 (I love all countries tho)

Yoast SEO is the plugin that I use to make sure my post show up in the search engines and look the way I want them to look like so that others get a clear idea of what my blog/posts are all about.

MailChimp for WordPress is the plugin that I use to allow people to subscribe to my blog. I placed it in the sidebar and you also have to create an account with MailChimp firs. This one is free until you reach 2000 followers.


Bare in mind I spent HOURS watching videos and tutorials about how to install and use these plugins. (on YT)



“The design has to be simple and clean”

One of the most important things is the theme of your blog. People have to be able to see everything clearly and have easy access to everything on your blog. That is why I decided to purchase my theme from Pipdig. It’s SO easy to install and I’m nowhere near a “tech guru”. They have lots of different themes and I personally bought mine for 60$. (Another thing btw, blogging will make you spend money but it will all be worth it I prom!)




“Literally, set a timer!”

Golden rule of blogging – you’ve gotta be consistent! You pretty much have to publish as often as you can so that people don’t just forget that your blog exists. It can be hard to keep up with deadlines, work and blogging all at the same time so you should think about creating a routine. Set yourself reminders or schedule your day to help the situation.



I’ve been getting quite a few questions about my blog logo so I decided to include some info in this post. I did create my blog logo myself and no I’m nowhere near a graphic designer how some of you assumed haha. I just created an account (for free) on Canva and created my logo there. I just chose the font and the icons and completely customized everything to my liking.



My final tip is – don’t be shy to ask other bloggers for advice. I personally love when someone takes the time to write me an email saying how much they like my blog and asking me for some advice with theirs. Reach out to bloggers (not the ones with millions of followers ’cause chances are they won’t notice your question/comment) and ask for advice. I’d also suggest reading blogs more and really writing only when you think you have something interesting or valuable to write about.


I hope this post will help some of you out and let you get on with improving your blog! Let me know if you have any more questions as I’ll be really happy to answer them and chat with you. You can tweet me at @topknotkindaday or send me an email! I hope to see you here again so be sure to stick around and subscribe (in the sidebar or scroll down if you’re a phone user) to not miss out on any of the upcoming tps, advice and all the posts in general!

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x M



  • Thank you so much for sharing this information! I enjoyed reading it and found your tips very useful!

    x Annabelle

    • Mila S

      Ah thank you lovely! I’m really really glad❤️

      x M

  • cDs

    Those are awesome tips! Most of my plugins have been set it and forget it so I haven’t taken too much time to learn how to properly use them. Kudos to you for that!

    x0x0 Caroline

  • This post has really inspired me to get working on my design and finally understand on how to work those plugins! LOL
    Thank you!

  • Leah Rose

    As someone who’s just starting up a blog, this advice is invaluable! Off I go to design a logo!

  • I turn down so many brand collab opportunities because they just arent for me…. personally i think that is the right thing to do.
    Aleeha xXx

    • Mila S


  • Mandeville Sisters

    Such a good post! So honest and informative! I love it <3

  • Love this post and it’s so lovely when people share their advice and what works for them. I always say it’s about seeing what will work for you and your blog as everyone is different in their approach and style but nonetheless – we can all work together and help each other when it’s needed! 🙂

    Layla xx

  • This was a great read! I started my blog almost exactly a year ago and I am just now starting to realize that it’s not JUST about the blog itself- it’s about being “there” on the internet! Communication is huge in this little world!
    Adorable blog!
    XX -KK

  • Such a great post! I totally agree with your tips. I’ve been blogging for two months now, and before that for over 3 years. It has been both the hardest and best 3 years of my life. x

    Jessica — NinetyCo

  • Carleton Lark

    I use the same theme you do! #hollyandweave

  • This was such a good read! I’m still fairly new to blogging and love learning more things about how to improve, thanks for sharing!

    • Mila S

      Thanks lovely! & you’re welcome💕

      x M

  • Honestly this was so helpful and when I have the time I think I’m going to revamp my blog for the better using your tips. I love your suggestions and that you linked certain resources you use, thank you for this post! Again-SUPER helpful. 🙂

    • Mila S

      Awh I’m so glad to hear this darling! Really happy that I managed to give some sort of help😊💝

      x M

  • everykid

    I just read your great post. When I clicked on Pipdig it doesn’t seem to exist. Can you clarify? Thanks!

    • Mila S

      oops sorry, I updated the link now! 🙂 xx

  • Jordan

    Do you use hostgator? I have been kind shopping around before I choose where to host my blog

    • Mila S

      I used to be on it but then switched. I found it quite difficult to use, it wasn’t really what I wanted

      x M

      • Jordan

        Ah so what do you use to host your site?

        • Mila S

          Bluehost 🙂 xx

          • Jordan

            thanks for responding!! 🙂

          • Mila S

            no problem! lemme know if you have any more q’s 🙂

            x M

  • Sarah ♛

    omg i just discovered youre blog and its sooooo good its inspired me to create my own

    • Mila S

      awn thanks so much I’m so so glad to hear this! good luck and let me know if you have any questions!

      x M

      • Sarah ♛

        sadly, my blog went down idk what happened?!

        • Mila S

          hmm try using another platform! “Blogger” is great if you’re not planning to spend.
          I personally use “”, its amazing if you’re considering to invest a bit into a blog!

          let me know how it goes!

          x M

          • Sarah ♛

            i tried using blogger and i wasnt very satisfied with the way it turned out. AND YES!! i dont mind spending a little money on a blog at all. i’ll think about seriously tho once my finals are done! is there any other way i can contact your regarding questions?

          • Mila S

            then WordPress would be great for you!
            and sure! you can DM me on twitter (topknotkindaday) or insta (millstkkd) or send me an email! x

            x M

  • Amelia Wahyu Julisdianti

    i also have a similar journey as yours, i’ve known blog at such young age and growing created tons of blog lol. i’m 18 too, and yeah i’m trying to try gain taking care of my blog, thank you for the advice 😀

  • Shin

    Hi, I love how sincere you are! I’ve just bought my domain, and I’m debating so much whether I should just go with a free theme or a premium one. Did you start with premium themes? Thanks!

    • Shin

      oh shoot sorry I just read the pipdig part, nvm! haha all this payment is making my already broke bank account go even more broke..

  • Kate Lee

    I stumbled across your blog as you were saying when you commented on another blog looking for insp for my own. I love this post, thanks for the tips. I like the one about rejecting offers for advertising. xx

  • Hey!
    This post is honestly so helpfull, thanks. I just started my own blog and still trying to figure out how everything works.

  • Sarah Broux

    Ha ha, after reading I realized I really should have read this before I started blogging. It makes life so much easier! Especially because I was (and still am) a little bit unsure about my blog. Maybe you could give me some tips on how to make my blog better? It would mean the world to me if you could just read one post.

    • I’m glad u found it useful!
      I checked out your blog! I think you need a little more colour in your theme! To make the whole theme look more interesting! You could also create a blog logo (which I can help you with btw, I make custom blog logos) and put it up in the header. And you could also post a bit more to have more articles to read and choose from for your viewers 😉
      Keep up the good work darling! x

      xo Mila

  • Monia Cagnazzo

    This is such a nice post. I’ve been bloggin now for quit a while but still learning new stuff day after day. Thanks for sharing love!

    xx ♡