Please name a month more magical or exciting than December! I’m not sure it’s even possible! Seeing everyone so excited awaiting for the snow to finally appear and for Christmas to come. People happily stocking up on presents in the malls and markets. Big fuzzy coats. GINGERBREAD…. Ahh I can go on forever. But this post is not all about the things around us that make December so magical. It’s actually about my favorite things to do in December! There are countless things to enroll ourselves into during the winter months but here’s my little collection of the absolute best ones for meee. Maybe sometimes when we’re overwhelmed with school/uni/work we forget to pay attention to the beauty of winter. This is just a quick cozy reminder for everyone to appreciate the winter season!


  1. Baking


It’s pretty self-explanatory why it’s my number 1 favorite thing to do in December. What can be better on a winter evening than drinking a warm cup of tea with some homemade gingerbread cookies or treats that you baked at home. After all the effort and lovvvve you put into baking it tastes like the best thing in the world am I right?


2. Walking around a snowy city

snowy city

I actually moved into a warmer country for uni this year but they still get snow here from time to time! I cannot tell you how much I love looking at snow. Everything coated in snow automatically looks like a fairytale came to live. Even just looking at this picture puts me in a fairytaly mood hahah.


3. Watching Christmas movies at home

The Holiday, Home Alone, Elf – you name it. There are SO MANY amazing movies about winter season and Christmas and I truly enjoy everything from cheesy romantic Christmas comedies to absolute classics like The Grinch and I also love old Russian fairytale movies (if you’ve never seen one – you HAVE TO). They just put me in such a festive mood.


4. Spending time with family

So many of us are starting to grow and fly away from the nests (that’s what you say right?) and we barely get time to even FaceTime our families. That’s actually quite sad but I feel like December is the month of reunion. Most of us get to come back home for Christmas and New Year’s which is why December is all about familyyyy. This year I get to reunite with my family and old friends a bit later than usual, but still..


5. Christmas shopping

I love love LOVE present shopping for people. I actually think I enjoy getting presents for people more than receiving presents hahah. It’s just these thoughs that I have in my mind like “Oh my sister will absolutely love this!” or “S.O. will be crying cause of happiness when i give him/her this”. Ahhh warmest feeling ever!


6. Decorating

christmas tree ornaments


If I could, I’d decorate everything and anything around me! The joy I get from seeing the lit up Christmas tree or even snowflake-table napkins! I mean I literally run into any festive decoration store I see as fast as I can. Too bad that it’s impossible to decorate everything though, too much time and money! Haha


7. Having those cozy days at home

macbook coffee and desert

Curling up on the sofa with my laptop, coziest robe or a blanket and some snacks with hot cocoa. Mmmm.. Wish I had a dog or a cat as well that would just be perfect haha.


8. Ice-skating

I haven’t done it this year yet but I really hope I get to this winter! Because last year I didn’t get to go and that was pretty upsetting. I did ice-skate, but not in the winter. I know it sounds weird but we actually went to one of those fake ice floors and it was pretty fun. I’m actually average at ice-skating but I still find it so fun. (sliding while holding onto the wall ahaha)


9. Watching fireworks

fireworks in new year


Especially on the new year’s eve. They do some of the most amazing fireworks at around this time! I always have this though in my mind, like how crazy talented the person who invented fireworks should’ve been? I am so random. But there’s just something so magical about them don’t you think?


Please tell me what are your favorite things to do during December! I would really really love to know!


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x M



  • I pretty much love all of the things you mentioned here. I love to bake and have the house smell like baked goods while we have hot chocolate and cozy up on the couch and watch movies 🙂


  • This is such a lovely post, I used to love baking around Christmas time in a wonderful farmhouse style kitchen, but since moving to NYC our kitchen is teeny tiny… maybe I should figure out a way to do it, it’ll help me feel more festive. AND The Holiday hasn’t happened yet, thanks for the reminder, I LOVE that film 🙂


    • Mila S

      Yeah it’s one of my favorites! And living in NYC on it’s own would make me personally feel the most festive I could ever be I think! Such a dream! Must literally feel like living in a movie hahah ✨

      x M

      • Sooooo much so! There were Christmas trees on the sidewalk 🙂

  • Beca

    I’m actually sooo jealous of everybody who gets to experience a White Christmas every year! Living in Australia definitely has it’s downfalls in that aspect – Christmas seems a little less magical when you’re sweating and baking only makes it even hotter, hahaha. Last year I was in Canada for Christmas and it was so, so perfect!


    • Mila S

      Ah same here I moved into a hotter country for uni this year! But apparently it will snow here for a bit at some point🙈 Back home there’s literally snowdrifts everywhere hahah xx

      x M

  • This is such a lovely post – I love December and Christmas as everything does feel so much nicer, everything looks pretty, the decorations all come out and the food and drink is perfect too! I love it 🙂 The only thing I haven’t seen a while here in the UK is a White Christmas, that’s really magical!

    Layla xx


    • Mila S

      Thank you hun!❤️
      And yeah, I only saw snow once in the UK while living there, which was a couple of years ago x

      x M

  • Normally I don’t like baking, except during this month!!!

  • Amy

    I recently uploaded my December checklist and we pretty much have the same favourites! Haha. I love snow but unfortunately it’s quite rare where I live, a white Christmas would be soo magical ♥

    Amy // snippetsofamy.co.uk

  • pennyanddash

    I love the first photo of you!


  • <3 Beautiful photos!

    • Mila S


  • This looks so fun! I wish I could spend December in the snow but where I am from (Australia) its sunny 🙁


    • Mila S

      I’d actually like to experience Christmas in a warm country for once. I wonder what it’s like🙈 And I’d absolutely love to go to Australia🙌🏼

      x M

      • We can swap countries anytime ahha! xx

        • Mila S

          I’m packing! Hahah xx