18 life lessons I learned in 18 years


I turned 18 years old a couple months ago so I thought I’d make a post about some of the little life lessons that I’ve learned in my teen years. These are just my opinions and of course I have still got loads to learn! But I personally LOVE reading this kind of posts of different bloggers. This post is mostly about the things I’ve come to realize during my “teen” years and I hope you find some inspiration.


  1. It is really not important what people say/think about you.

Just think about it – they don’t even know enough about you/who you are or what is going on inside your mind or life. So any of the thoughts they might have about you really shouldn’t matter. I just learned not to give a sh*t about most of the things because A it’s just too much effort to think about it and people who say horrible things are just not even worth your attention, and B they probably think your life is more interesting than theirs if they find time to say/think things about you. You just gotta understand that your opinion about yourself is the most important one and you just have to do what makes you happy!


     2. Don’t put it off until tomorrow

Ohhh myyyy – it took me a loooong time to finally realize that putting things off until tomorrow is so bad and so unproductive and is just going to slow down whatever is that that you’re doing. It’s better to get it over and done with today than wait till tomorrow and prolong the time of completing something for I don’t know how long.


    3.  Get rid of the things that don’t bring you happiness

Be in an old top that you just can’t throw away for whatever reason. Or all your notebooks from year 7 that you think think are really sentimental. It even includes friends that you can’t even be yourself with. You need to declutter your life every now and again. I can understand how hard it can be sometimes and I myself learned to do so only a couple of years ago. But it does make a difference, trust me. Getting rid of useless items also creates more space for new things and that’s always a plus!


   4. Random act of kindness every day

Wether it’s a couple of nice words of appreciation to your mom/sister, a card expressing your grattitude for a friend or helping to hold the door for a stranger. It does make you feel better. Doesn’t seem like a lot of course but it makes you a nicer person in general.


    5. Don’t be afraid to say no sometimes

Don’t worry it does not make you a bad person. It simply shows that you have a character, just like everyone else. You ain’t have to say yes to things that make you feel uncomfortable or don’t sound that fun to you. It’s just normal. Of course there are exceptions, like when you just want to be polite and don’t want to disappoint your fam member/best friend. But not further than this. Don’t be scared to miss out, because in the end your comfort is what matters the most.


    6. Put your phone down

Just turn on airplane mode and leave it charging overnight. I’ve made a mistake of staying up till.. erm…(so late) so many times.  I knowww how tempting it might be to stay up on your phone but sleep is wayy more important. How many times I’ve chosen to stay up on my phone and then woke up the next morning hating the idea of getting out of bed. And the under-eye circles are not that glamorous too.


    7.  Do the chores every day 

As I have been living away from home for quite some time now I obviously clean my house myself. And it’s way better cleaning little by little every day than waiting for a mountain of laundry/dishes/mess to pile up and clean all of it at once! I’m still not a pro at doing this myself to be quite honest. Sometimes I just get so lazy that by the end of the week I literally spend the whole day tidying & cleaning. That’s definitely not something anyone would look forward to.


    8. No one cares if you don’t look your best today!

How many times I had thoughts running through my mind about not looking the best that day. “Oh why didn’t I put mascara on today”/ “My hair is such a mess”/ “I’m literally wearing my pajamas out today”. Trust me – NONE of that matters to a stranger. They’ve never seen you before so they have no idea what are you “supposed” to look like.


    9. It’s okay to be angry/stressed/sad/mad sometimes.

This doesn’t even need explanation. Just because you are a human and you have emotions.


    10.  Get out more

I actually looove staying at home and am such a homebody but it’s healthy even for your mind to get out sometimes. Be it a lunch with your family/friends or a walk in the park. Even if it’s a quick trip to the playground with your friend’s younger sister. All these things will affect you positively.


    11. Laugh more

There’s actually LOADS of health benefits in laughing as well so that’s a bonus.


    12. Learn when you can

If you have an opportunity to learn something new – take it. Even if it’s watching a video on youtube that teaches you something that you wanted to know for a long time but never found enough time for. Don’t set your mind talking yourself out of something because you think it’s “too hard” or “too useless”. If there’s something you would like to learn and it’s available for you to learn – just go ahead and don’t even think twice.


    13. Save money little by little

Even if it’s the smallest amount or some loose change from your lunch out. Just put it in the moneybox and give it time to grow. With time It might make it possible to finally get that bag that you really wanted or that present for your family member that they’ve been dreaming of for ages.


    14. Accept and give compliments

Take a minute out of your day to compliment someone. You never know how good it might make them feel. Maybe your compliment will be something they’ve been waiting to hear for a long time. At the same time accept compliments easily and thank people.


    15. Apologize 

I know it might feel like during an argument with your sibling/loved one  you’re 100% right and it might even be true. But if you see that the situation is going nowhere and it’s getting worse and worse just stop for a second to say sorry. I know how incredibly hard it might be considering I always think that I’m right haha. But it will make a difference as well as make other person feel a tiny bit better.


     16. Do you

You ain’t gotta listen to Joy Division just cause everyone else thinks rock is cool. You ain’t gotta post snapchats of alcoholic beverages and pretend you’re partying  just cause everyone else is doing it. I witnessed so many people and friends hiding their actual selves behind someone they wanted to seem like but actually didn’t want to BE, just because they want to succumb to the expectations. Give it up you guys. Y’all are great without this.


    17. When in doubt, wear black

Pretty self-explanatory I know. I am going to be honest tho – wearing black all the time is not actually that fun. But for the moments when I feel like I have nothing to wear or have NO idea what to put on, I automatically turn to black. Black just always looks magically put together.


    18. Words to live by

This last but not least point is something special. I decided to insert this quote that I absolutely LOVE. I think these are the words to live by and I feel like it really connects with each and every one of us on a different level.


“Give but don’t allow yourself to be used.

Love but don’t allow your heart to be abused.

Trust but don’t be naive.
Listen but don’t lose your own voice.”



I hope you learned a little something from this post and I hope it helped you realize some things! Pleeease do tell me about some of your life lessons of your own experience. I am really curious to find out!



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  • These are all such important things. And I love the quote you added!

    x Annabelle

    • Mila S

      Thanks so much! I popped on over to your blog and from the fist 2 seconds I literally fell in love haha x will be from now on patiently waiting on new posts

      x Mila

  • Cara Hughes

    I really love this post! There are so many things on the list that I wish I had realised at 18. I completely agree with every one of them! For me especially number 12!


  • Jasmin N

    These are all so important things!

    ♥ Jasmin N
    Little Things With Jassy

  • Keith McArthur

    Hey Mila!
    I love this post. Just wanted to let you know that I’ve referred to it in a blog post I published today in My Instruction Manual: